Michiganders Everywhere

Since I have been at Copenhagen, it is amazing me just how many people, both speakers and attendees, are either from Michigan or went to UofM.  Yesterday I attended a press conference where the Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs (Otero) and another speaker, whose name fails me at the moment.  Both speakers discussed what the Obama Administration has done and plans to do with special focus on specific multi-national and bilateral programs and initiative for conservations and adaptation.  It was an interesting presentation and I especially enjoyed the headway that they had presented for the bilateral initiatives with communities in India.

During the question and answer portion, our very own Gabriel Thoumi asked both presenters a question regarding carbon verification and broader economic question (a question clearly over my knowledge on the matter judging by my description).  This inspired me to ask a question.  Upon introducing myself, the presenter whose name I can’t remember interupts me and points out that we have had two people from UofM there and then informs the audience that he was actually raised in Ann Arbor.  At which time I couldn’t help myself and calmly said “Go Blue” into the mic.

I had a chance to speak to him briefly after the presentation and apparently he went to Pioneer High school.  After leaving the presenter I ran into another recent Michigan grad who is currently working for a non-profit.  Gabriel then informed me of all the other UofM grads in high places and at the conference.  Today I got lunch and while waiting in line a gentleman came up to me and said “Go Blue!” (I was wearing my Michigan COP15 shirt during the time).   I’m impressed by the Michigan influence around here.  I thought those at UofM would like to know (especially Trantham, you know who you are)

Written by AHMED TAWFIK.

2 thoughts on “Michiganders Everywhere

  1. David Applbaum

    It might interest you to know that this is hardly a coincidence; the U of M has the most living alumni of any university in the world, at about 500,000. This means that every person you meet is more likely to have gone to U of M than to any other college on Earth.


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