President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality

On February 4th, 2019, President Schlissel announced an incredible change to the University’s dedication to climate change advocacy and sustainability. The president outlined the first ever Commission on Carbon Neutrality. Explained by its title, the commission is comprised of diverse and highly knowledgeable experts at the university who will seek out solutions for carbon emissions reduction which are environmentally, fiscally, and communally sustainable. The commission will be headed by Jennifer Haverkamp, Director of the Graham Institute, and Stephen Forrest, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Physics, and Material Sciences and Engineering.

What is exceptionally exciting about the commission is it will include two University of Michigan student members who will represent the values and goals of the student body. In addition, the commission will be aided with four advisory panels: Student Advisory Panel, Faculty Expert Advisory Panel, University Advisory Panel, and the External Advisory Panel. Carbon neutrality may seem like a far-future goal, but the interdisciplinary solutions and passionate dedication of the University of Michigan faculty and students will prove that there is no task too great for the Victors Valiant.

Below is the President’s formal announcement for the commission. Keep looking out for more updates as the tasks, goals, and involvement opportunities for the commission are provided to the public.