University Climate Delegation Coalition


 In November 2017, University Climate Delegation Coalition was founded by three climate delegates (COP 23) from the University of Michigan: Michael Lerner (Political Science), Chris Karounos (Environment and Sustainability), and Samantha Basile (Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering). The purpose of the coalition is serve as a platform for amplifying the collective voice and actions of university observer delegates to international climate negotiations. The jumping off point for the formation of the coalition was a collective letter written to the Climate Solutions Caucus, sent on December 11th, 2017.

Commentary in Nature Correspondence (December 2018)

Co-authors from the University Climate Delegation Coalition discuss the ability of climate delegations to boost researchers’ connection to the Conference of Parties and UCDC’s role in climate advocacy:

Earth Day Climate Action Campaign (April 2018)

On Monday, April 23, one day after Earth Day when offices are open again, we invite you to join students, staff, and faculty from ten universities in contacting our Congressional representatives as part of the University Climate Delegation Coalition’s Earth Day Climate Action Campaign!

What are the goals for the Earth Day Climate Action Campaign?

  • Let our representatives in Congress know that we reject the decision to leave the Paris Agreement.
  • Highlight the need for timely and ambitious action on climate change.
  • Urge more representatives to join the Climate Solutions Caucus, the most active source of climate action in Congress (more about the Caucus’ work here).


The mission of the University Climate Delegation Coalition is to coordinate collective action by climate delegations from U.S. colleges and universities in support of timely and ambitious climate change policy at the university, national, and international levels. Collective actions can include joint statements to lawmakers, newspaper op-ed’s, or letter-writing campaigns.


Climate Delegation to COP 20, COP 21, COP 22, and COP 23 at the University of Michigan

(Ojaswi Adhikari, Cesar Barraza Botet, Samantha Basile, Avik Basu, Katherine Browne, Tyler Fitch, Emily Gargulinski, Sachiko Graber, Matt Irish, Chris Karounos, Michael Lerner, Reed McCalib, Ember McCoy, Nicole Ryan, Syne Salem, Julia Schoen, Emily Upton)

Climate delegation to COP 3, COP 5, COP 7, COP 9, COP 15, COP 21, and COP 23 at Center for Energy and Environmental Policy at the University of Delaware

(John Byrne, Job Taminiau)

The Climate and Development Lab at Brown University

Delegation to COP 23 from Carnegie Mellon University

(Deborah Stine)

Delegation to COP 23 from University of Vermont’s Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security

(Ben Ryan, Asim Zia)

The Center for Health and the Global Environment at the University of Washington

Delegation to COP 21, COP 22, and COP 23 from Drexel University

(Eugenia Victoria Ellis, Kaya Gentile, Dalton George, Hugh Johnson, Johannes Krause, Longjian Liu, Savanna Michener, Stephanie Miller, Mira Olson, Elizabeth Watson)

North American Hub of the Urban Climate Change Research Network at Drexel University

(Franco Montalto, Director)

Northeastern University Delegation to COP 23

(Denise Garcia, Marley Kimelman, and Keyon Rostamnezhad)

Duke University Student Delegation to COP 23