This is a project to stack onto one page many interesting climate resources from across the web.  Naturally, we’ll steal compilations from other sites, but will give due credit.  And we’re always open to suggestions!  Skip down to Videos, Figures, …

Video Videos

☼ The AGU Bjerknes Lecture, given by Richard B. Alley: “The biggest Control Knob: Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s Climate History.” In the words of Steve Easterbrook, it is “a one hour summary of how we know that CO2 is implicated as the biggest driver in all climate change throughout the earth’s history.  Alley [brings] together multiple lines of evidence, and shows how our knowledge is built up from a variety of sources. Science really is fascinating when presented like this.”

☼ Ever watch one of Peter Sinclair’s “Climate Crock of the Week” videos?  Here’s a taste:

And Mr. Sinclair does a very good bit on that very video-friendly realm of climate science: Arctic sea-ice decline.

Other snow and ice images and animations can be found here, here, and here, and here.

☼ Fool Me Once: Alden Griffith, a fresh voice in climate science education.  He delivers lessons through wonderful video presentations.  “The goal of is to offer something that is often missing from the coverage of climate change: thorough and accessible explanations of the most common and contentious claims.”

Greg Craven’s global warming risk management videos. Worth a watch, especially if you’re a teacher. For example:

Figures Figures

☼ Can’t get a better list than Chris Colose’s (be sure to check out the comment section on his page for contributions from his readers).  We’ll post additional ones as they are known to us.