This is a conference regarding solutions to the global issue of carbon consumption and pollution but there are as many issues discussed as people here!  Every organization has an agenda and associated opinions in hopes of influencing those who do not believe the same and securing support from those who do share beliefs.  I have not observed much conflict of opinion, but there is so much organized chaos in the Bella Center that it is overwhelming and hard to see how anything can get accomplished.  With so many interests, there is competition for attention.   I find that those who distinguish themselves visually as a united front (and in large numbers dressed in orange also helps) get noticed.  Everyone wants to be heard.

After two days of being immersed in discussion of complex issues with potentially known solution pathways but no steps forward, or even commitments to step, I’m feeling a little hopeless for a global agreement.  I hear of this year’s event serving as a turning point in some climate conversation topics but I predict the hype will only linger for a while after COP15 and dismantle as the conference participants no longer have a stage to capture audiences.  If I am fortunate enough to come next year, I expect to experience similar conversations again.

Maybe tomorrow I will be more hopeful with a little more sleep.

Written by LAURA BELL.

5 thoughts on “Hopelesshagen?

  1. Jane

    Only through discussion and debate does change happen. If there is silence there will be nothing achieved. Interesting the way marketing plays a role in this conference in the same way it does in other aspects of life.


  2. As long as there is meaningful discourse going on, I believe some form of progress will be made. Decisions on the global scale should be made carefully and over time to avoid drastic, disastrous problems down the road. Though it would be nice to see a few concrete decisions come out of this. (That are not too politicized… although that’s definitely wishful thinking!)


  3. Peter


    Man-made climate change is a hoax. The climate has always been changing and will continue to change. U-M has some excellent Geography courses and Geo. 101 will inform you of this unless the syllabus has taken a turn to Political Correctness.

    Thousands of years ago, “The Big House” was under a mile of glacial ice. The football team had one hell of a time conducting their practices and completing their schedule. In fact, some teams such as UCLA and Arizona State refused to come to A2 to play. However, Appalachian State admirably welcomed the challenge.

    And then, Mother Nature took over, the Glacier melted and left behind huge puddles which are now called the Great Lakes (such as Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie to say nothing of Lakes Ontario and Superior.) And mankind had absolutely NOTHING to do with that melting. By the way, that freezing – melting process occurred FOUR TIMES.

    The glacier having melted, the autumn ritual resumed with Ohio State again sticking it to the Wolverines. However, we did defeat the likes of Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Central Michigan and even Delaware State. Not so much Iowa, Wisconsin and similar entities.

    Trying to stop natural climate change is futile. I refer you to King Canute. If the climate is becoming warmer, and that is a disputable fact which an examination of CRU/East Anglia documents may reveal, then the way to prepare for climate warming is to take practical steps such as either building huge dams around New Orleans a la Amsterdam and to stop building on possible flood areas near coastal waters. Or, start moving people away from vulnerable flood areas.

    All this business about carbon trading and such are scams which will only impoverish taxpayers in Western Civilization and transfer the wealth to third world despots who will take the cash and put it into their accommodating offshore banks.

    Wake up, SHEEPLE. You are being had.



  4. Peter

    I noticed that my posting addressing the biofuels entry was allowed to stand on a site above.

    However, when I made a posting on this site stating that climate change has been with us forever and that mankind has nothing to do with it, my posting has not been allowed to stand.

    So much for liberal thought and the liberal mind at the University of Michigan. The implications are rather frightening.

    So, this is but yet more evidence that those advocating man-made climate change insist on controlling the agenda and that they do NOT want any other points of view permitted other than their own.

    Sounds like CRU/East Anglia University all over again. Deja vu indeed!

    This is the method of scientific inquiry at the University of Michigan, is it?

    The Wolverines should be so lucky to have that kind of control over their football opponents.

    Go Blue!!!!! (And a pox on the advocates of man-made climate change who again have discredited themselves and so should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. You folks really are a petty,juvenile bunch.)




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