An SNRE climate Christmas song: "Senate Baby…"

Posting for a colleague in the School of Natural Resources and Environment:

“A portion of the SNRE faculty band, the Ecotones, just recorded a version of “Senate Baby” (to the tune of Santa Baby). It’s a musical plea for the US Senate and our delegates in Copenhagen to 1) pass the bill at home and 2) the treaty in Copenhagen.”

And here it is…

Written by PAUL EDWARDS.

2 thoughts on “An SNRE climate Christmas song: "Senate Baby…"

  1. jim crowfoot

    Yea for the band and the singers and for the use of creativity and of music and song to express what we are feeling and desiring. I didn’t hear this when it was originally performed and appreciate whoever recorded it and made it available.

    Hopefully many other people will hear this and feel the lightness and smiles that were my response to this performance.

    Jim C.


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