A Few Words With the Protesters

From what I have heard the US media is primarily reporting on the growing violence of the protests at COP15. As usual they are only covering the violence and destruction caused by a small minority of protesters. I actually got the chance to go around and interview some of the protesters during my stay here. I think you will find that these people only wish to have their voices heard.

The first person I talked to was in charge of the oil sheik protesters ( I should have the video up soon). They represented a coalition of Christians in the Netherlands and they came to Copenhagen to protest in a peaceful and creative way.

This is Hannah from a Methodist group in England. She obviously feels very passionate about the environment. I apologize for the sound. It was very noisy and Hannah talked really fast. As you can see many of the protesters were not environmental crazies. Rather they are just people who want to prevent climate change from occurring.

This man is from Turkey and is studying in Europe. He came with a group of friends however, during the protests he got separated. Instead of heading somewhere warm he decided instead to stay outside the Bella Center and protest. This situation is not unique there was a lot of people who just showed up on their own because they wanted to voice their support for a strong climate change treaty out of Kyoto.

Hopefully this post has shown that the majority of the protesters and not crazy people trying to punch cops and interfere with meetings. Rather they wish to make the leaders at COP15 aware of their concerns. I really wish I had more interviews but the cameras battery died and it is not easy to communicate with people during a protest.

Written by BEN ROBERTS.

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