Hello from UN COP 16!

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has finally arrived, and so has the University of Michigan Student Envoy! After managing through a lack of communication outlets, we are proud to finally be reporting from on site here in Cancun.

Despite the initial sobering sentiment of little to no political advancement over the past few weeks, conference leaders are presenting a more optimistic picture for this week’s outcomes.

Over 190 countries have sent envoys here, and while that overshadows most Olympic delegations, it also gives pause to the magnificent challenge of aligning that many unique interests around the pressing topic of climate change policy reform.

Over the next week, I will hope to ascertain:

  1. What brings delegates and observers from these 190 countries here
  2. What do they realistically hope to gain from the convention’s outcomes
  3. Which methods do each country employ to increase its political stature at this international stage
  4. Which new technologies or strategies are being used to mitigate the present threat of climate change

Finally, for those of you sending well wishes given the news coverage of Mexico’s challenging border security, thank you but you need not worry. The two-hour, twenty-mile bus ride this morning was in large part due to the incredibly visible Federal Police presence on all routes to and from Cancun. Think machine guns, Hummers, and an almost vigilant commitment to making this an incident free experience.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you live coverage from across the conference, and have a great and sustainable day,

Written by MIGUEL SOSSA.

Miguel Sossa | MBA/MS 2013
University of Michigan
Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise
Stephen M. Ross School of Business | School of Natural Resources & Environment
404.374.7333 | miguelso@umich.edu

2 thoughts on “Hello from UN COP 16!

  1. Espinoza, Dennis

    Best of luck in contributing to the conversation/progress – the potential sounds inspiring. Great weather awaits your return amigo! Cuidate!


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