Ratification of Kyoto Protocol Extension unlikely this week

Photo: Courtesy of Juan Cespedes, The University of Michigan COP 16 Envoy’s guest photographer

From inside the UN Delegation Hall:

Only 132 countries of the expected 190 delegations are present in today’s meetings. Only a few delegations – less than 25 by my count – have offered any indication that they will ratify an extension of the Kyoto Protocol during the next two weeks of meetings. With commitment and delegation attendance lower than expected, there is concern amongst attendees that the Kyoto Protocol extension will remain in jeopardy of its 2012 expiration date.

Thus far, there appears to be more talk than action from UN delegations. Also, I am trying to figure out why every delegation has the same colored name placard except the United States. Maybe because they are one of the few Kyoto holdouts? More on that to come.

Written by MIGUEL SOSSA.


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