Introducing Our COP22 Delegates!

cop22-2With COP22 in Marrakech just a few weeks away, we at Climate Blue want to formally announce and celebrate our eighth observer delegation to the negotiations. This year’s delegation consists of ten students and one faculty member (in order from left-to-right, front-to-back): Micaela Battiste, Syne Salem, Sachi Graber, Emily Upton, Ishi Keenum, OJ Adhikari, Ember McCoy, Reed McCalib, Connor Rubin, Ed Waisanen, and Avik Basu.

These students are a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students from a wide variety of departments at UM, including the School of Natural Resources and Environment, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Climate and Space Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Law School, the School of Public Health, the Ross School of Business, and the Ford School of Public Policy. The faculty member, Dr. Avik Basu, is a research specialist and lecturer at the School of Natural Resources and Environment.

Make sure to check back with this blog regularly to hear about their experiences and to learn more about COP22 through their eyes. We also have a whole team here at Climate Blue researching all sorts of climate change/COP22-related topics and will be posting before, during, and after the negotiations in Marrakech. Comment below with specific questions you want answered, and we will do our best to answer them in future posts!

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