First Thoughts

I arrived yesterday to the Bella Center (BC) a bit surprised by first impressions. The shuttle bus from the airport to BC dropped me off on a platform with a COP15 banner along a chain link fence and a few security gaurds. I was expecting a grand entrance, not something that looked like it was under construction. After recieving some instruction and walking around the corner I found the more artsy-design entrance I was anticipating but the few sculptures that were there seemed minimalistic. This style was carried to the interior, but it makes me wonder if the mini pine tree cafe table decorations will ever actually be planted or just tossed aside after. The conference itself seems well organized with events remaining on schedule and services such as cafes and information centers efficiently managing lines. Finishing my first day thoughts, I was surprised by the “Americanization” of Copenhagen. From finding the Hard Rock Cafe before any Danish restaurant to the Harley Davidson shop on the walk to the house I’m staying in, I’m looking forward to a trip to the more historic parts of town.

Written by LAURA BELL.

4 thoughts on “First Thoughts

  1. David Applbaum

    Just FYI- if you’re looking for the delicious cheese-centered pastry that you and I call Danish, they call it Vienna Bread in Denmark…


  2. Bette J Miller

    Looks huge, but sometimes pictures are decieving.
    Reminds me of going to a state convention, but on a bigger scale. Like I said before, learn lots, meet new people and enjoy the surroundings.


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