Twitter Updates for 2009-12-11

  • #COP15 2009 Investor Statement on the Urgent Need for Global agreement on Climate Change – 191 Financial Institutions indicate support. #
  • #COP15 #UMCOP15 Korean party member frustrated with the ideological and political agendas that taint debates on financing for climate change #
  • #cop15 Today we walked to the entrance of the Bella Center. Over our heads, red lights marking the water level if the Greenland ice melts. #
  • #UMCOP15: Developing countries ahead of developed countries in emissions targets -> #
  • Just listened to talk by Naomi Klein about Climate debt and equity…there were others there too but I don’t remember their names #
  • Listened to discussion by Naomi Klein about climate debt. #cop15 #cop #author #copenhagen #
  • Delegates circulate drafts and take a break for rest of day – Good or bad? don’t know! #

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