The Election & the Paris Agreement: Part 1

On November 9th, 2016 we woke up here in Marrakech as most of our American friends/family were sleeping (or maybe laying awake unable to sleep). As each one of us made our way downstairs, we thought Sachi was joking when she shared the election news – having to confirm via Google for ourselves (much to her frustration). We were all pretty shocked, sad, angry, and a little embarrassed as we prepped to head off on our third day here at COP 22. We had an unusually long breakfast to collect our thoughts and discuss our initial reactions, and in doing so two main questions circulated our minds:

  1. What can Trump actually do to affect climate policy and the legitimacy of the Paris Agreement?
  2. What does the international climate community think?

In this post, we’re going to try to tackle question one.

Simply put, Trump is a climate denier.


^ Real-life tweet from Trump’s feed, people.

What’s on our minds specifically is Trump’s statement that he will ‘cancel’ the Paris Agreement and cut funding to the UN. We had all heard this back in May when he first declared it, but now that his election is a reality we paused to think:

Wait, what can he actually do?

Here’s our attempt to separate out the answer.

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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-16

  • 1st minister Alex Salmond’s incentive: 42 proof scotch for nations with 42% reductions, watered down scotch for watered down targets. #cop15 #
  • lots of shouting “the whole world is watching.” photographers’ lights flash and police drag out a person on the ground. its getting intense. #
  • john kerry just shook hands with all of the 20+ American students staging a sit-in right now in the main room at un climate talks. #

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