Twitter Updates for 2009-12-14

  • #cop15 Talk of G77 & China walking out of negotiations. Aus & others suspend negotiating target numbers for 7 hrs to regroup & gather info. #
  • Secretary Chu announcing 2010 Clean energy ministerial in DC. #cop15 #umcop15 #
  • Protestors in blue raincoats, youth groups of the world stage protests are Bella Center #
  • UN President implores NGOs not to let up the pressure #
  • UN President: There will be two tracks at Copenhagen. This will not change. #
  • The time is now, says UNFCCC President, we are being delayed by procedural hold-ups. #
  • “I’m not a pessimist or optimist, I’m a realist, but I think we have achieved quite a bit by making the pressure this big…” #
  • “I don’t think that EPA is saying that we was irrationally regulate you, so run to Congress” – Bill Tindall, CEO of Duke Energy #
  • Steven Chu announces million dollar fund to support implementation of clean technology and renewables in emerging markets #
  • New CBD doc: “ 2050, ocean acidity could increase by 150%..100 times faster than any change..over the last 20 million years…” #
  • “Washington State has lost 20% of it’s snow pack ..current predictions show that we will loose 20% of our hydropower” Governor of Washington #
  • “I’m there to show them that the opposite is true” Washington St Govnr in response to climate skeptics who say we are going to loose jobs. #
  • “I’ve had to declare more natural disasters in Washington in the last three years than the entire history of the state” – Governor Gregoire #
  • There’s a fight between some developing and developed countries over freely traded credits or if mostly in-country reductions. #cop15 #
  • Aubrey quoted by Climate Action Network (US CAN): #
  • Aubrey’s Detroit Free Press Blog: “Mass Media & “Violent” Protest”: #

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