COP21 follow-along: Dec 1

This morning I attended “Tipping Points and Instability in Antarctica”.  It was a great event and right up my alley as a glaciologist.  I learned two logistical things you all might like to know:
1. All webcasts are archived and can be watched on-demand (this means you can go back and watch things that happened in the morning our time, before you wake up in MI)
2. “Press conference” webcasts tend to be half-hour bites of longer side events.  At the Antarctica event, scientists presented themselves and their work to the public but then made themselves available in the hallway for press and longer conversations.  They also used the press event to promote their Polar Sciences side event – which will not be webcast – happening later on today, in their pavilion.
This brings me to a suggestion: If you want to help dynamically shape our agenda, you can do two things:
Morning: visit the webcast site, view things that are of interest to you, and let us know if they mention side events you think we should attend the same day.
Evening: view the Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary of the day’s events, and send us any questions to follow up on.
Highlights for later on today include:
-Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation: Faith & Science Saving Our Common Home
-USA position briefing
-Integral territoriality and ownership for Indigenous People
Hope this is helpful!

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