COP21 follow-along: Dec 2

I’ve just arrived at Le Bourget and am sipping on a coffee—fairtrade organic, served in a returnable *EcoCup* of course—in the 25 min before COP plenary gets underway.  Feeling quite hopeful about COP21, after witnessing some promising things yesterday.  And, as you may have heard, instead of awarding a Fossil of the Day “award” yesterday, the Climate Action Network awarded a Ray of the Day to the the Climate Vulnerable Forum instead!  CVF, a group of 20 countries highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, pledged to completely decarbonize their economies by 2050.  Yes!
Highlights of today include:
-Agriculture Day, with lots of themed events
-COP plenary, focused on climate finance and decision-making under the UNFCCC
-Press conference by James Hansen (16:30 Paris time)
-The role of ethics and human awareness in climate change solutions
You can catch all of these, both live and on-demand, on the webcast   Several of us are headed to a special event with Naomi Klein today, so we’ll be off-site in the afternoon.  Michigan morningtime would be a good time to tune in to webcasts, if you can!

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