COP21 follow-along: Dec 3 (Youth Day!)

This morning we had our interview with Jose Maria Figueres, so we arrived at the venue only around 11:30.  We ran into some youth demonstrators outside the negotiating area (wow!), then split off to attend IPCC briefing and yet another interview.  Today is Youth Day, so now we’re at the Intergenerational Inquiry with Christiana Figueres and a bunch of youth leaders.  We’ll be interviewing Amy Dahan and Jean-Louis Dufresne this evening.  Should be interesting!

Highlights coming up today include:
-New draft ADP text was posted this morning
-LDCs assess draft text (14:30 CET) – are we on track for Saturday deadline?
-G77 and China media conference (13:00 CET)
As usual, webcast is found here.  Let us know if you find anything good!

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