COP21 follow-along: Dec 4

Today is the last day of negotiating before tomorrow’s midday deadline for the draft text.  Things are not looking promising.  One of the many newsletters from NGOs stationed here suggests the COP presidency will have to meet with countries individually to figure out their negotiating positions and where there can be movement…all before Monday, when ministers arrive.  This morning’s opening session of ADP text negotiating got quite tense within the first 15 minutes, and the chairs expect to negotiate all night and through all meals.  So…
We attended a RINGOs (Research & Independent NGOs) constituency meeting this morning, which was helpful.  This afternoon we’re hoping to attend Al Gore speech at 12pm, World Meteorological Organisation event at 1:15, and continue watching negotiations otherwise.  Highlights of webcast include:
-UNFCCC/COP presidency briefing
-Climate Action Network
-Brazil position briefing
Webcast is here.  Newest draft text is here.  Let us know if you find anything interesting!

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